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Welcome to
Sheffield Community Equipment Loan Service

This website's objective is to make everyone aware of the equipment available, on loan, for those who are in need of health care equipment, or who are temporarily, or permanently disabled.

Sheffield Primary Care Trust, Sheffield City Council’s Neighbourhoods and Community Care (NCC) and Sheffield Care Trust jointly provide this website.

Patients, clients, their carers and relatives can, at a glance, view equipment at any time of the day or night. Medical professionals (GP's, Therapists and District Nurses) have the additional ability to requisition equipment for their patients and clients online. The equipment shown on this website may not be available to all referrers.

There are many types of equipment available, from walking frames and commodes to hoists and beds. Even medical professionals are sometimes surprised at the extensive range provided.

Our purpose-designed office, warehouse and maintenance facility in Sheffield provides the local community with a reliable, responsive, quality service.

We have a highly trained team of staff with many years' experience. They react quickly to the needs of medical professionals and equipment is delivered, using our own vehicles, direct to the required delivery address.

Great care is taken by the service to ensure that the equipment provided is of a high quality. It is inspected before issue, thoroughly tested and maintained, with trained staff being involved in any on-site installation required.

When equipment is returned it is decontaminated, dried, inspected and any necessary repairs carried out prior to re-issue.

A recent addition to the content of the website is a more comprehensive view of the range of Pressure Redistribution and Relieving Equipment available, on loan. In this highly specialised area access is restricted to authorised medical professionals.

Within the site you will find an ever increasing number of useful links to other related websites, including information regarding specific disabilities, respite care, employment opportunities for the disabled and should you so wish, where to buy disability aids. You can also read some of the comments made by members of the community who have recently used our service > read more

The "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) area covers, hopefully, most of the queries you might have about this service.

From the outset our objective in providing this website has been to make life easier for all who use it and we welcome your comments on how you feel we are matching up to that objective.

The managers and staff who work in the Sheffield Community Equipment Loan Service are committed to providing the best service possible for all patients, clients, carers and referrers to the service each and every one of whom are valued customers. Read more >